We are expert in block paving, natural stone paving (flags, sets & cobbles), concrete flag and slab paving and may lay patios, drives and paths to your exact specification using the most exquisite quality workmanship and materials.

Over time, due mostly to nature as well as the components, the general look of your driveway will slowly deteriorate.

Weeds can surface, unsightly, slippery and therefore potentially harmful moss and algae may collect. The colour might even change resulting from UV light transmission.

However, there’s a solution that does not mean spending thousands on a new driveway.

With a little bit of TLC, we could transform a failed driveway and return it to pristine condition for a fraction of the cost of laying a new one.

Using our expert product, present block paved, flagged or concrete driveways can be refurbished.

It’s a very technologically advanced, specialist product containing a thermoplastic acrylic copolymer resin mix, purpose designed to realise excellent weather resistance and durability. 

In summary, it’s the simple, powerful, affordable way to provide your driveway with a fresh lease of life.